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When the news came across the main stream media in 2008, that Polaroid was phasing out the original instant Polaroid film, my curiosity prompted me to ponder the real scientific value of this film.

Recording images on film is permanent. And taking a picture/recording with the original Polaroid was a permanent and instant scientific record of a physical image. This was a one of a kind tool for evidence in a court of law, because of it’s unquestionable tamper-proof basis.

Polaroid claims this elimination is due to Financial repercussions…. REALLY?

Now enter the Digital Age

Everything digital can be messed with. More important, my supposition is that the Digital image ultimately will not be allowed to stand up in our now Corrupt, USA Government Court system. Our legal system is being plundered by the Globalists sinister plan for there New World Order (NWO).

With everything Digital, computerized and in the High Speed Information age: The Shadow Power Elites can now manipulate almost anything in an instant…. An Ultimate System of Control via Deception for Total World Domination.

Note: Under the auspices of Agenda 21 (putting the protection of all things environmental, above ALL else… including a Humans Life), THEY will try to eliminate all physical camera and video films.


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